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July 22, 2017
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Grief Support

There are times in our lives when we need a little more support, a few more prayers, or an extra ear to be there just in case. When loved ones die, people deal with that loss in different ways. For many, grief support is helpful in beginning a journey toward healing.

The Basilica Grief Ministry

Grief Ministry is a support for those who experience a loss through death. Volunteers acknowledge the anniversary of a loss with cards and letters, expressing the support and prayers of The Basilica community. If you or someone you know has experienced this type of loss, we want to offer you our prayers, concern and support. Contact Cathy 612.317.3474.

Why go to a support group?

It's not easy going to a support group meeting. The anxiety involved in making the decision to attend can be surprising. Will I cry? What if I don't cry? Is my loss significant enough? What will I say? What do "they" expect of me?

Although these questions may seem relevant, none of them really matter. What matters is, that for the first time since the death, you can walk into a room full of people who understand. Not a room with those who attempt to understand, or those who will patronize, not even with those who have ignored your loss—just people like you and me who have been devastated and surprised by the magnitude of our losses.

A support group will share with you ways to keep your loved one's memory alive. They'll get you through the first months, holidays and anniversaries. Even when you are past the most painful times, it is a place where you can come back. No one here will think you odd because you still need to speak of your loved one, no matter how much time has passed.

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Lighting a candle in the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception represents the prayerful vigilance of expectant faith. This chapel was dedicated on September 10, 2000 on the southeast corner of the nave. – Photo by Michael Jensen. [Close]
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