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July 22, 2017
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Liturgical Ministers and Environment for Funerals

Liturgical Ministers

Pall Bearers

Family and friends are invited to carry the coffin or urn with the cremated remains in and out of the church as well as to the place of burial. In selecting the pall bearers, it is good to take into account that they will have to carry the coffin up and down the steps to The Basilica.

Lectors (Readers)

Members of the family or friends may be asked to proclaim the first and/or second reading, as well as the intercessions. Although this may be a very meaningful experience for both the family and the reader it is good to remember the importance of the Word of God and the need for good readers. Be sure that the lectors have their reading in advance and advise them that they are to speak slowly and to project clearly. They will rehearse prior to the funeral with the Funeral Coordinator.

Gift Bearers

At the time of the preparation of the gifts several members of the family or friends may be asked to bring the gifts of bread and wine to the altar. The Funeral Coordinator will work with the gift bearers before the service.

Eucharistic Ministers

If any of the members of the family or friends are installed as extra-ordinary ministers of the Eucharist, particularly ones that belong to this community, they may be invited to assist with the distribution of communion. This can be discussed at the meeting with the Basilica Funeral Planner.


The cantor plays an important ministerial role in your Funeral. He/she leads the hymns, the acclamations and sings the psalm. In many cases the cantor also functions as soloist.  People who may be fine soloists are not necessarily trained as a cantor. You will need a Basilica cantor for your funeral.

Liturgical Environment

Liturgical furnishings are sacred; they are not liturgical props and thus are not to be moved, removed or replaced.

Depending on the liturgical season, the Basilica of Saint Mary will show a different liturgical environment. This seasonal environment is intended for all liturgical celebrations during that particular time of the year. The existing environment will not be changed or removed for any service. You may consult the Director of Worship for details.

Although not required, it is very appropriate to decorate the church with flowers for the celebration of the Order of Christian Funerals. You can either opt for one arrangement to be placed on top of the tabernacle; or two arrangements placed on the high altar on either side of the tabernacle. In either case, care should be taken that the size of the bouquets fit the size of the church.  Artificial flowers or plants are not permitted. Flowers that have been sent to the Basilica will be placed in the church. After the service you may take these flowers or leave them in the church.

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