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July 22, 2017
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The Basilica of Saint Mary
We are located on Hennepin Avenue between 16th & 17th Streets in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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General Principles and Procedures
  1. The Basilica of Saint Mary will be available for the celebration of the Order of Christian Funeral every day of the week, except Sundays and Holy Days, and providing that nothing else has been scheduled.

  2. The funeral services may be celebrated either in the Basilica or in the St. Joseph Chapel.  Both are dignified places for worship. The number of people attending and the desired style of worship will dictate the choice of space. The St. Joseph Chapel seats about 120 people and provides a more intimate setting.

  3. There are three aspects to the funeral rites according to the  Catholic tradition:
    1. the Vigil for the Deceased: this optional service often concludes the Visitation if this is held the night before the funeral Mass, often in the funeral home.
    2. the Funeral Liturgy, either with or without a Mass celebrated in the parish church.
    3. the Rite of Committal which happens at the cemetery at the time of interment.

  4. To schedule a Funeral, contact the Basilica of Saint Mary Receptionist at 612.333.1381. Receptionist will direct you to the Funeral Liturgy Planner and the Funeral Coordinator.  The role of the Funeral Planner is to assist you with the preparation of the celebration of the Order of Christian Funeral. Together with the Funeral Planner you will make all decisions necessary for the funeral. The Funeral Coordinator will assist in the execution of the celebration.

  5. Cremation of the body is permitted by the Catholic Church, provided that the cremated remains be treated with as much respect as the body. Although not mandatory, it is preferred that the body be present for the funeral services and that cremation take place afterward.

  6. If the body or the cremated remains are present then a funeral Mass is to be celebrated, unless liturgical/pastoral reasons suggest a funeral liturgy outside of Mass.  When neither the Body nor the cremated remains are present then a memorial service is to be celebrated, either with or without a Mass.

  7. Guest priests or deacons are welcome to preside. They will be asked to abide by the liturgical customs of the Basilica of Saint Mary.

  8. The Basilica of Saint Mary will provide the following services:
    1. The use of the Basilica/Saint Joseph Chapel as well as the use of the Mother Teresa Hall if a reception is to be held on the Basilica campus.
    2. The Basilica of Saint Mary funeral staff to assist in preparations, work with the liturgical ministers, and be present for the liturgy.
    3. Planning meeting with the Funeral Planner to help you make decisions in terms of the specifics of the funeral.
    4. A worship booklet designed for each funeral will be prepared by Basilica staff.
    5. The Funeral Coordinator will prepare the church for the funeral and will assist with the funeral.
    6. Basilica musicians will provide the music.

  9. The Sanctuary is a place where sacred actions and rituals are conducted. Therefore, no liturgical furniture or environment is to be moved. The funeral party will be seated in the first row of pews. Everyone will go to their assigned seats during the procession.

  10. The family is welcome to use the Mother Teresa Hall for a reception. Since the Basilica neither has an accessible kitchen nor food service, the food will have to be catered. We can provide the names of several caterers who are familiar with the policies of the Basilica so that you can make the arrangements for the food. A team of volunteers will assist the caterers with the set-up and with the serving of the food. We can provide lemonade and coffee.

  11. Only Basilica musicians may be used at the funeral. This will guarantee that the service goes smoothly as the presider, cantor, organist and instrumentalists are used to working with each other, as well as with the specific demands of our space. It ensures a desirable continuity with the church's regular worship life and it protects the Basilica's mission in terms of high quality liturgy. The  Cathedral Choir or other Basilica music groups may be available for a funeral. Al list of Basilica musicians and their fees will be provided by the funeral planner. This possibility is to be discussed with the Funeral Planner. It is the responsibility of the Basilica Funeral Planner to book all musicians.

  12. During the visitation and the reception, it is recommended that a memorial table is set-up with photos and mementos that capture the life of the deceased. A guest book will allow guests to write down memories and messages.

  13. Be careful not to leave any of your belongings unattended. Despite its security officers, the Basilica of Saint Mary is not responsible for loss or theft.
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