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June 23, 2017
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The Basilica of Saint Mary
We are located on Hennepin Avenue between 16th & 17th Streets in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Legacy Society


It’s easy to postpone decisions about our estates, whatever size they may be.  Yet this is the final way that each of us has the opportunity to say, “I lived and I loved this person, this place, this cause!”  Through your bequests you set an example of philanthropy and preserve what mattered to you during your lifetime. Now is the perfect time to reflect on your values and ensure that your estate plan reflects them.


The Basilica Landmark, (formerly the Friends of The Basilica of Saint Mary Foundation), originally begun in 1993 to support the preservation and restoration of The Basilica, founded the Rev. Michael J. O’Connell Endowment Fund as part of its Centennial Campaign.  This fund, named for the beloved visionary rector who led our parish for 17 years, will provide funding for preventative maintenance and capital improvements through the interest generated by its assets.  The principal will remain untouched, providing the approximately $500,000 needed every year for necessary projects outside the scope of the parish annual operating budget. 


In the early 1990s, well within the memory of many parishioners, many years of deferred maintenance caught up with The Basilica, nearly causing it to be razed.  Chunks of plaster fell from the dome during Mass, water coursed down the support beams, metal rods holding up the ceiling were corroded and detached, the 65’ rose window floated free from its stone frame and the dome came close to collapsing.  More than $10 million needed to be raised immediately to prevent the destruction of our beloved Basilica.

The Basilica Landmark is committed to ensuring that this dire situation is never repeated. Through the Rev. Michael J. O’Connell Endowment Fund the Foundation will not only provide funding to keep The Basilica and its campus in good repair, it will also ensure that no group of parishioners is faced with a crisis that demands extraordinary funding and distracts from the core mission of The Basilica.


If The Basilica has been important to you please consider a planned gift to the Rev. Michael J. O’Connell Endowment Fund of The Basilica Landmark through your will, 401(K), life insurance policy, stocks and bonds or real estate.

To leave a bequest to The Basilica Landmark, please provide this suggested language to your legal counsel:

“I,[name], of [city, state, ZIP], give, devise and bequeath to The Basilica Landmark, P.O. Box 50070, Minneapolis, MN 55405, [written amount or percentage of the estate, insurance policy or IRA, or description of property] for the Rev. Michael J. O’Connell Endowment Fund.”


Through September 2009, more than $1 million in cash gifts and another $7.6 million in pledges and deferred gifts has been raised for the endowment fund through the Centennial Campaign.


Please join this worthwhile effort to preserve and restore our beloved church. For more information contact Robin Keyworth at 612.317.3429. 

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