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June 26, 2017
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Stories Of Those Whose Lives Have Been Changed

Your generosity to The Basilica does so much for so many.  From faith formation programs to our 16 choirs, The Basilica is a busy place.  Here are a just a few short stories of people whose lives were changed by their experience at The Basilica.

Special help for a loving family

Song Vang visited The Basilica’s St. Vincent de Paul Outreach program in February seeking assistance with her rent. In sharing her story with a volunteer advocate, we learned that Song and her husband Da live in north Minneapolis with their six children ages 9-19 years old. Due to a change in her husband’s employment status, Song and her family did not have the needed income to pay their rent. Song and two of her children visited Outreach and discovered that there were two volunteer advocates ready to listen and help.

She not only met with our “Job Journies” advocate to learn about employment opportunities for her husband, but she also met with a volunteer advocate regarding her need for rental assistance. Song places a high priority on education for her children and focuses on keeping her family healthy and in a stable housing situation. Song asked The Basilica for help and we were able to assist her. She is fulfilling her commitment to attend several Pathways life-skills classes and is grateful for the assistance provided to her family.

An important role as a Eucharistic Minister

“I love their hands, they are all so different; some are disfigured, some were dirty from working all day, others graceful, and then there were those of the young children. They come from all backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures for the same thing, to receive the Eucharist.” These are the words of Bonnie Steele, a parishioner here at The Basilica. Bonnie a recent candidate of the RCIA program loves her role as a Eucharistic minister.

“I like altar serving and being a lector, but my favorite thing is to distribute communion. I remember receiving communion for the first time; it was like the person really saw me. I try to do the same for those I give communion to.” Bonnie speaks with passion when she explains how The Basilica has changed her life and that of her family. “The Basilica has given us so much; it only seems natural to give back. We are just so grateful.”

Teaching God’s children

After becoming a grandmother, I decided I’d like to minister to God’s children. I’ve been a minister in the church for many years working with teenagers and adults. And then came an opportunity to work at The Basilica and my first year with pre-school through 5th graders. What a year it has been. One of the best parts has been to give witness to the funny, rich and innocent statements that come out of the mouths of God’s little ones…

As I was preparing the 2nd graders for First Communion, I talked to them about the Mass and what it would be like to receive Communion for the first time. I asked them not to think about how they looked, who was coming for dinner or about the gifts they might receive from friends and relatives. I asked them to open their heart to Jesus and let Jesus enter their lives in a new and memorable way.

After Mass was over, one young girl came up to me with a grin on her face from ear to ear.  She said "It worked! Jesus came into my heart!." Out of the mouths of babes we hear God’s unending love burst forth into our world. I shall keep her words in my heart always.

A second chance at an education

Michael Cooper visited Outreach several months ago. He had never finished high school and was at a point in his life when he wanted to take his future to the next level. Therefore, he was interested in taking the GED test. After speaking with an Outreach volunteer advocate, we decided to assist him with the fee for the GED test.

Today, he returned to Outreach – not for any service but simply to show me his certificate showing that he passed his GED test. He even showed me the documentation detailing his scores on the various portions of the test (language arts, math, etc.). After congratulating him I asked him what his plans are for the future. Get this: He said that he will be attending college in Madison, Wisconsin and studying childhood behavioral disorders and eventually work in a career in helping special needs kids.

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