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June 23, 2017
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Anointing of the Sick

To support and strengthen those who are sick, the Church gathers to pray and anoint those who are ailing with the healing oil of the sick. This oil symbolizes the presence of God at a time of great physical and emotional need and assures the recipient of God’s love and healing presence to give strength and hope.


The authentic tradition of the Catholic Church regarding the anointing of the sick is reflected in the theology of the Council of Trent, which states that anointing was for the sick and the dying. However, because this anointing was often connected with Viaticum, the last communion one receives before dying, this sacrament was commonly referred to as part of the last rites. Since the second Vatican Council, great progress has been made to return the sacrament of the sick to its original theology.


According to the Letter of James 5:14-16, the people are to bring the sick to the priest so that they can be anointed and prayer can be offered on their behalf. Jesus showed great care for those who were sick and was concerned with their bodily and spiritual well being.

Because of this, the Church has developed a ritual to pray with and for those who are ill. It is our belief that through the sacrament of the sick, Christ strengthens those who are ill so that they might be at peace and have the courage to fight their illness

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As we begin the celebration of the Lord’s Supper each year on Holy Thursday, we receive the Holy Oils from the Archbishop. They are blessed and consecrated for the sacramental life of our community – The Oil of the Sick, The Oil of the Catechumens, and The Holy Chrism. – Photo by Michael Jensen. [Close]

Any baptized Catholic who is seriously ill and has sufficient reason to be comforted by the sacrament may receive it. Children dealing with chronic or serious illness may be anointed if they have sufficient understanding of the sacrament; and elderly persons may be anointed if they are in weak condition although no dangerous illness is present. Those struggling with mental and emotional illness may seek the sacrament. Persons anticipating serious surgery are candidates for the sacrament as well. Those who experience severe chronic and/or debilitating illnesses are also encouraged to receive the sacrament.

Anointing Mass

We celebrate this sacrament with a special Anointing Mass. Anyone who is suffering from a medical or physical illness or who will be undergoing surgery or any other medical procedure is invited to attend this Mass with family and friends. We will pray for patience, strength and good health and anoint those in need with the oil of the sick. For more information, please call the rectory office at 612.333.1381.

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