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July 22, 2017
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Promote peace throughout the world in December and January.
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Ecological Stewardship

"And God saw that it was good."
In his message on the World Day of Peace, January 1 2010, Pope Benedict XVI said "...Respect for creation is of immense consequence, not least because “creation is the beginning and the foundation of all God’s works”, and its preservation has now become essential for the pacific coexistence of mankind." If you want to cultivate peace, protect creation.

Read Pope Benedict XVI's World Peace Day Message, and enter into the spirit of Ecological Stewardship.

2013 Ecological Stewardship Toolkit

Check out our 2013 Ecological Stewardship Toolkit. View it online, or print as a booklet. Find resources for prayer, learning, reflection and action for yourself or to use with a group.

Basilica’s “Green Team”

Do you have a “Green Spirit?” Join other Basilica parishioners who share a passion for living a sustainable life.

Ecological Stewardship: April and May

There are many ways to make a difference!
• Reduce your carbon emissions and oil consumption by walking, biking or carpooling to church. There's a bike rack by the rectory door (by the school parking lot).
• Sign-up for the Minnesota Energy Challenge online, or place your registration form in the collection basket. The goal of the Minnesota Energy Challenge is to empower Minnesotans to take simple steps to reduce their energy use and Minnesota's CO2 emissions.

(Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge)

SEEK is a place to find Minnesota environmental news, resources for education, and information on various sustainability issues.

Eco Driving

Eco driving is another term for fuel economy - learning to drive your vehicle in a way that minimizes your fuel consumption. Studies have shown that average drivers can reduce the amount of fuel they use by as much as 25% when implementing some of these practices:

  • Shift up as soon as possible - For manual transmission cars, shift up before 2500 RPMs, for diesel cars before 2000 RPMs.
  • Maintain a steady speed - Use the highest gear possible and drive with low engine RPM.
  • Anticipate traffic flow - Look ahead as far as possible and anticipate the actions of surrounding traffic.
  • Decelerate smoothly - When you have to slow down or to stop, decelerate smoothly by releasing the accelerator earlier, leaving the car in gear.
  • Check tire pressure frequently - Tire pressure that is 25% too low increases rolling resistance by 10% and your fuel consumption by 2%.
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Prayer: Mother Earth 

Dear mother earth, who day by day
Unfolds rich blessing on our way,
O praise God!  Alleluia!
The fruits and flowers that verdant grow,
Let them his praise abundant show.
O praise God, O praise God,
Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia

                 – Saint Francis of Assisi     

Children's Prayer

Thanks be to God . . .
For the animals, the trees, the flowers that grow,
For the sky and the earth and the waters that flow!

Thanks be to God . . .
For the stars and the sun and the moon up above
And this wonderful universe you give us with love!
Thanks be to God, Alleluia!

Ecological Patrons

Blessed Kateri Tekawitha (the Basilica's fourth bell is named for her) and Saint Francis of Assisi are patrons of ecology, nature and the environment. Our annual Blessing of the Animals event celebrates the sacredness of all creation on the Sunday closest to the feast of Saint Francis. In the spirit of St. Francis, the event honors and encourages respect for all creation throughout the year.

Mary Gardens

The month of May is traditionally dedicated to Mary, the "Flower of flowers", because May is considered the season of the beginning of new life, the month of flowering.

Since medieval times, artists and poets have imaged Mary as an enclosed garden. In the Middle Ages certain plants and flowers began to take on symbolic meanings connected with the life and characteristics of Mary. Soon entire gardens were designed with the intention of honoring Mary by representing her legendary attributes through various specimens of nature.

The Basilica's Mary Garden, dedicated in 1997, can be seen as nature's complement to the other expressions of Mary within the church building itself. We encourage you to spend some time in the Mary Garden this Spring or learn about the many flowers of Mary and plant some in your own gardens. The Mary Garden is located on Northwest side of Church.

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